Buyer’s Guide

For over 30 years, Mountaineer Realty has been a trusted name for real estate services in Crossville, TN and surrounding communities. Our agency is locally owned and operated and proud to be the team clients trust for all their home buying, home listing, and property management needs. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the services and resources they need. Click on each step of the home buying process below to discover the path to home ownership and how we can help you get there!

For additional questions and information about the home buying process, please contact us today at 931-484-4455.

Find the Agent that’s right for you. Call the office and ask to speak with the agent of your choice. Provide your search criteria for your new home (price, size, area, etc.) to an experienced professional and schedule a day to tour the area and check out homes.

  • Receive a link to a list of homes that match your search criteria.
  • Discuss with your agent to narrow your choices to homes you would like to tour so your agent can schedule showing appointments. IMPORTANT: Let your agent know as soon as possible if you decide to eliminate a home from your showings so they can cancel the appointment with appropriate notice.
  • Meet with your agent at the Mountaineer offices to start your tour. See the sites of the area and walk through your selected homes.
  • Take notes as you walk through each home so you can remember your likes, dislikes, additional questions, etc. when discussing the homes with your agent later.
  • Return to the Mountaineer Office to review the homes you have toured.

  • Once you have found your dream home, work with your agent to submit an offer.
  • Be sure to carefully consider all contingencies you need to include with your offer.
    • Financing
    • Furnishings
    • Timing
    • Closing on your current home sale
  • Execute the offer and your agent will submit to the listing agent for review. Offers typically include an expiration date of 24-48 hours so you should receive a response from the sellers soon after submission.
  • Receive and review counteroffers from the sellers. Utilize your agent for effective negotiation. Your agent should be able to give you an idea of your position in the negotiation process, what constitutes reasonable counter offers, effective negotiation tactics, etc.
  • Accept the best offer or receive notice of acceptance from the sellers. Once the Purchase Agreement is executed by both Buyers and Sellers, the contract is Bound and you are officially on the path to closing on your new home.

Your agent will immediately start the process on ensuring all contingencies of the contract are addressed. Keep in contact with your agent and provide all documentation and updates your agent requires so they can quickly close the loop on all outstanding items and ensure your home purchase closes on time.

  • Perform a final walk through of the home with your agent to inspect the property condition. A final walk through is a necessity to close on a home sale. Buyers will typically schedule the final walk through the day before or the day of a closing.
  • Verify closing documentation.
  • Plan for utility transfers and tax proration.

Go to the title company at the previously agreed upon date and time. Sign the closing documentation. Finalize the purchase of your new home!

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