Seller’s Guide

Mountaineer Realty provides a full range of real estate services in Crossville, TN and surrounding communities. We are committed to customer satisfaction and providing each client with the personal attention they need and deserve.

We are locally owned and operated. We provide comprehensive listing services if you are selling your home or land. Our staff and agents are dedicated to providing you and your family with the resources and support you need to make your real estate transaction a success. Click on each step below to discover the path to selling your home and how Mountaineer can help you get there!

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Find the Agent that’s right for you. Call the office and ask to speak with the agent of your choice. Hear all about their marketing strategy for listing your home and the home sale process from an experienced professional.

  • Receive a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to determine your homes market value. Provide your agent with home details, age, repairs, investments, features, etc. Fill out the CMA request form (link to form requesting a CMA) and your agent will provide you with a market analysis.
  • Prepare the home for photos and showings.
  • Clean the home from top to bottom.
  • Remove any clutter. Leave the home as empty and open as possible to allow potential buyers the opportunity to visualize their own items in the home.
  • Make your home available for showings at all times. Buyers can call to schedule showings with as little as 1 hours notice. You are under no obligation to allow your home to be shown; however, it is imperative to the selling process that you allow your home to be shown as much as possible.
  • Always vacate the home during showings. Buyers are much more likely to take their time and fully view the home if the sellers are not present. Buyers agents ALWAYS accompany buyers during showings so licensed and trained professionals are present at all times during showings.

  • Receive and review purchase offers. Buyers agents will submit purchase offers to your agent and your agent will present them to you for review. You will typically have less than a day to respond to the offer with acceptance, rejection or a counter offer, so you must stay readily available to receive offers.
  • Utilize your agent for effective negotiation. Your agent should be able to give you an idea of your position in the negotiation process, what constitutes a reasonable offer, effective negotiation tactics, etc.
  • Accept the best offer. If you receive an offer that’s right for you, Accept!

  • Make home available for all required home inspections. Many purchase agreements include inspection contingencies. The inspections must be completed in order for the sale to close so it is important that you accommodate inspection scheduling and get those inspections done ASAP.
  • Ensure that all contingencies are met. Keep in contact with your agent to ensure that all contingencies are met prior to the closing date so that the closing will go off without a hitch.

  • Prepare the home for the new owners. Be sure to clean the home and remove everything from the property that was not part of the purchase contract.
  • Allow Buyer’s final walk through to inspect the property condition. A final walk through is a necessity to close on a home sale. Buyers will typically schedule the final walk through the day before or the day of a closing so be ready to vacate the home and allow the buyers to inspect the property one last time before closing.
  • Verify closing documentation.
  • Plan for utility transfers and tax proration. Schedule utility cutoffs or transfers for the day of closing. Review yearly tax rates and ensure that a prorated tax is added to the closing statement.

  • Go to the title company at the previously agreed upon date and time. Sign the closing documentation. Finalize the sale of your home!

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